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성인영어회화, 크리스찬 음악, "God Is" - Christian Singer Holly Starr

성인영어회화, 크리스찬 음악, "God Is"  - Christian Singer Holly Starr

- 크리스찬 음악, 팝송입니다.



행복한 주말 보내셨어요??


날씨가 너무 추웠죠.

그래도 즐겁게 보내셨기를 기원합니다.


오늘은 팝송입니다. 크리스찬.

즐거운 영어여행. 다양한 방법이 있죠.


팝송..유튜브도...기타 등등.


매일 떠나는 홈 어학연수. 화상영어로 즐겁게 하시구요.


Good day.



When all you see is here and now
When everything is crumbling, falling to the ground 
This is just a moment, this is not forever 
I know it seems impossible when all your hope is gone

But God is, God is,
Greater than the fear your facing
Greater than the storm that's raging
God is, God is,
With you when you cry, so cry out His name 
‘Cause God is greater than the pain

He knows the trials His children face
He knows the tears that fall that we all have to taste 
But don't you dare let go now, don't let the candle blow out 
His love is strong, so just hold on 
‘Cause He is with you through it all

He is mighty, more than able
To rescue and restore the ones He loves
He's a Refuge and a Savior, a Savior


행복한 시간 보내셨어요?

음악 어때요?


행복한 영어여행.

즐겁게 하시구요.

Have a good night. See you later. Chau.



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