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성인화상영어, 영어회화, my boyfriend sounds gay

성인화상영어, 영어회화, my boyfriend sounds gay

- 영어회화....



행복한 한주 보내시고 있으신가요?


오늘은 남자의 목소리를 가지고 이야기 합니다.

Jade Joddle 컨설팅입니다.


좀 편안한 내용은 아니지만 편안하게 들어보세요.


매일 떠나는 홈 어학연수. 화상영어와 함께요.




What does it mean for a man to sound gay? When a person sounds gay it is due to a combination of factors that can be observed in the voice. While some of the aspects are physical, the other aspects are speech habits / speech mannerisms. It is possible to sound either more or less gay by increasing/decreasing the following aspects of gay speech in your voice and style of expression:

Physical Aspects of Gay Speech

1. Higher pitched voice - a more high pitched voice is associated with camp gay men. Anyone can work to deepen their voice through learning to breathe more deeply from the diaphragm.

2. Gay lisp - there is a perception that having a lisp is associated with being gay. In most cases you can learn to stop lisping by learning how to make the /s/ in the correct mouth position (tongue touching the hard palate rather than touching the front teeth).

Speech Mannerisms Gay Speech
1. Elongating Speech - making the sounds of vowels and consonants longer such as 'that's sooo amazing' or 'fffabulous.'

2. Precise Articulation - speech tends to have a 'theatrical' quality in that word endings are said with more emphasis. Plosive consonants /p/ /t/ and /k/ are pronounced with greater emphasis at the ends of words (this is what actors do when performing on stage but it is not how people tend to speak in relaxed, every day conversation).

3. Gesture and Movement - the way we move when speaking is an important part of our communication signature. It is possible that a person's movement and facial expressions are what gives the impression of being gay in addition to aspects in the voice.



잘 들어보셨나요??

위의 설명도 참고하시구요.

편안한 홈 어학연수. 미미화상영어와 홈 어학연수. 매일 매일 떠나세요.

Have a good day. See you later.


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