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영어회화 팁, 성인영어회화, Improve Your English Listening Skills - 3 Big Mistakes

영어회화 팁, 성인영어회화, Improve Your English Listening Skills - 3 Big Mistakes

- 즐거운 영어회화. 듣기에서 3가지 실수.



주말 잘 보내시고 계신가요??


오늘은 성인영어회화에서 좀 많이 필요한 이야기입니다.


정말 중요한 내용이죠.


잘 들어보시구요.


화상영어와 함께 즐거운 영어여행도 하시구요.





What are the three biggest mistakes you make when listening to English? 
Watch this video to learn and improve your listening skills. 

Mistake #1
Listening is Not Reading
When learning English in school, the focus is usually on reading and writing. Therefore, you grow accustom to associating letters and shapes with meaning. Your understanding might only be visual.
Listening to English words is vastly different from reading them. You have to associate sounds and phrases with meaning instead of printed words. 

Mistake #2
Translating can actually be a waste of time.
You become focused on translating the English words into your native language and then back into English. This is time consuming and while you are sorting out the vocabulary in your head, you stop listening to the conversation.

Mistake #3
Expecting 100%

This is probably the biggest mistake you can make. It is unrealistic to try and understand every single thing you read or hear. 

Instead of striving for absolute perfection, try and set a goal of 60% or 80% comprehension. Just relax and do the best that you can. 

Patience is the key, so take your time!  



잘 들어보셨나요??



영어회화. 쉽지 않죠.

듣기부터 잘 되어야 하는데.

아직 익숙하죠. 두려움도 있고.


영어듣기는 읽기가 아닙니다.

번역할려고 하지 마세요.

전체를 다 이해할려고 하지 마세요.


영어회화. 즐겁게 공부해요. 화상영어와 함께요.


그럼 즐거운 주말도 보내시구요.

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